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Google Pixel 3 Impressions!

All right so the leaks were true the rumors were real two weeks ago Google invited me out to Mountain View California to their headquarters to see what they've been working on I could bring my camera and I agreed to go and they the condition was that I couldn't share what I saw until today that day is now October 9th so I can share so this is your exclusive first looking hands-on at google pixel 3 and pixel 3xl there flagships for 2018 [Music] now of course a lot of what's leaked was the hardware and that was pretty much all right well except for the conspiracies but I'm gonna go through everything just as if you haven't seen it all because it's actually still a lot of pretty exciting stuff and hey maybe you haven't seen it all yet so you can start at the back of the phone and see it's pretty similar in design to last year'

Pixel - but with improved build quality and a lot of ways it's a small design update but it's clearly still a pixel but …

Google Pixel 3 XL Review

Hey whip up guy ISM could be HD here and welcome to the full review of the Google pixel 3 XL and also welcome to the first wider widescreen video I've done so let me know if you guys think of that so this is the phone I'll be using for the past week and change and obviously it's been leaked into oblivion so I kind of knew what I was getting myself into but there's still so much smart stuff to talk about this is maybe the smartest smartphone I've ever used with some caveat so this video is gonna be mainly centered around pixel three XL but everything I will say also applies to the pixel 3 unless I say otherwise here we go so on the outside I really like the new hard work this felt it's pretty much better in every way than the pixel 2 from the way it feels to the way it's built the highlights of the pixel 2 are still here so the stereo front facing speaker pair still here the squeeze 4 assistant the two-tone back look but now there are new materials and just …

My Pixel 3 Display Problem?

Hey what is up guys of kabhi HD here welcome back to another 2x1 video and to another QA asked mkbhd number 33 we do this once a month and it is October it's not over yet it's a very busy tech tober but we're in it we asked you guys which we wanted to know on Twitter and you had plenty of questions of course so these are the best of those right so thoughts on Apple screwing the oneplus event ok this was kind of funny depending on how you look at it but also kind of unfortunate it's a symptom of this busy tech tober season so one plus made it very clear that they're going to be announcing their 1 + 60 in New York and an event in the morning on October 30th then Apple big company but I'm sure they've been planning their event for a while too they've also made an announcement for an October event they're gonna have an event also in New York also in the morning also on October 30th so naturally one plus of a smaller company kind of bent to that and move…

About the Foldable Smartphone!

Guys guys it's happening we're finally getting we're finally getting folding smartphones but like but why though hey what's up guys I'm Kim PhD here so folding smartphones are slowly becoming a thing more and more real couple months ago they wore anything now they are here's the timeline so for the past couple of months or weeks there have been sort of murmurings of a foldable phone but nothing actually coming to reality we'd seen flexible OLED displays in the past and things that weren't really functional devices but nothing had come to reality yet then a couple of days ago probably just to beat Samsung with a punch to say that they were first a pretty unknown company called Royale corporation unveiled a smartphone called the flex PI so the Royale flex PI the world's first flexible smartphone and without actually trying it and getting hands-on myself just judging from this hands-on footage

This is roughly speaking the ugliest thing I have ever seen …

RED Hydrogen One Review

What's up guys mkbhd here and this is the red hydrogen one and it's this is a really weird phone and a lot of ways there have been so many questions about this thing is a really a $1,295 device i new red cameras are expensive but why is the phone so expensive what's so good about it is it like a red camera in your pocket who is it for what makes it special what is a holographic media machine and why does this exist you got questions I got answers and I've actually been in the unique position of not only using the phone for the past couple months but actually seeing and following along with the development of it behind the scenes for almost as long you guys might remember the video I did on the early prototype of the hydrogen back and it was still somewhat of an idea

I was into it I shared it red wanted to share with you what they were working on with the world but since then a lot has changed and it's all landed on this the final retail shipping version of the red h…

2019 iPad Pro Impressions

Hey what's up guys I'm Kip EHD here and wrapping up a busy October that might sort of bleed into November a little bit Apple just held today their second fall event in New York City for some of their most creative products I was just there just got back we got to see the return of the MacBook Air which was you could say long overdue but it's even thinner than the original but has a much better display and better internal so that gets added to the lineup and they also dropped a new Space Gray Mac Mini again which was super long overdue but with much improved power and i/o so that's interesting but by far the highlight of the show was the last announcement which was the brand new iPad pro this had a lot of really interesting things to me so when we wrapped up we all got to go to this hands-on area I spent my time in that area with the iPad pro so first thing you notice when you get it in the hand this is a complete redesign and we were waiting for this basically a refres…

Pixel 3 XL Second Impression

The pixel can't stop leaking we pretty much know everything there is to know about a pixel 3 as well as the pixel 3 XL we have a very clear image now of this pixel 3 go pretty much everything about it no matter how hard you try you literally can't get anything past the internet so there they are oh I think they look great it looked great right for those of you on the live stream please stick around to see our products and more in depth demos online really appreciate you being here with us today thank you very much have a great day [Applause] [Music] hey what is up guys i'm pbht here and we got pixel three and pixel three excel in the studio my main synth car has been in in pixel 3xl since the event so two days now and there's already a lot of stuff i want to share with you that didn't make it into my original video and that wasn't in the keynote so first of all there's many things in that first impressions video that weren't in the keynote and that were…

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Impressions

Hey what is up guys I'm Kim PhD here and welcome back to tech tober good to be with you again we're not even halfway through this month so today is the reveal of the huawei mate 20 Pro not to be confused with the p20 pro but the successor to the mate 10 Pro which is the best they have for now until the next the p30 Pro comes out either way don't worry about that this is the best that we always got right now I apologize in advance for what may be the worst lighting of any press room I've ever been in but boom there it is this is Huawei's newest creation oh and also real quick shameless plug if you guys are interested in this shirt that I'm wearing right now the optical flow aka Joy Division inspired wavy line 3d imprint looking trippy shirt it is live in the merch store right now we're doing a little quick 7 day drop from now till the end of the week in honor of hitting 7 million subscribers on the channel very recently shout to all you guys for sticking aro…

Razer Phone 2 Impressions!

Hey what is up guys i'm pbht here and hardware season AKA hashtag tech Tober continues with a new smartphone again this is our first look and impressions of the razor phone - now I know a lot of people were interested in this phone I found the first one somewhat of a mixed bag I definitely had my complaints about it but it was promising and it had some unique unmatched features like a hundred and twenty Hertz display now this year those features are still here and they're definitely still unmatched but they've made a number of improvements and tweaks and upgrades towards one thing and that is to make this second generation razor phone a little bit more friendly like a normal everyday flagship not just a gaming phone now

They're not going all the way to full-on bezel lists notched all the way of the edge 20:18 design no no but pretty much every little change and every tweak they've made in this phone is targeted towards that appealing to more of the masses with a pho…