Huawei Mate 20 Pro Impressions

Hey what is up guys I'm Kim PhD here and welcome back to tech tober good to be with you again we're not even halfway through this month so today is the reveal of the huawei mate 20 Pro not to be confused with the p20 pro but the successor to the mate 10 Pro which is the best they have for now until the next the p30 Pro comes out either way don't worry about that this is the best that we always got right now I apologize in advance for what may be the worst lighting of any press room I've ever been in but boom there it is this is Huawei's newest creation oh and also real quick shameless plug if you guys are interested in this shirt that I'm wearing right now the optical flow aka Joy Division inspired wavy line 3d imprint looking trippy shirt it is live in the merch store right now we're doing a little quick 7 day drop from now till the end of the week in honor of hitting 7 million subscribers on the channel very recently shout to all you guys for sticking around for that so if you want to pick one of these up or you saw something that you liked before it is available and that is it link is down below alright moving on to the phone so Huawei has made a pretty interesting design update to this mate flagship it's feeling like a 20-18 notched bezel a screen on the front and then a triple camera module with a big flash now in the middle of the back it's different and maybe it's just me over analyzing the design as well way kind of still tries to establish their flagship DNA and their identity but this is definitely the most Samsung feeling phone

They've ever made like if the galaxy s 9 and the p20 Pro had a baby especially with this Twilight triple camera look this is probably what it would look like so the curved glass and the overall shape on the front is very reminiscent of Samsung with the very thin metal sides it's IP 68 certified there's wireless charging a very small chin at the bottom and extremely tiny side bezels but then not just still appear like the p20 pro with all the front facing depth sensors for face unlocking but then the mate 20 pro also now has an in glass fingerprint reader beating oneplus to the punch technically and I'd say becoming the first major big-name smartphone to do this not that being first by a couple days or weeks is a huge deal but that's definitely awesome to see it happening so fast this is a small sensor out of the glass you know one finger right in the lower middle like we're gonna start to see but if we start doing this more and more and it develops and gets better this is how we end up with bigger less expensive huge fingerprint sensors under the glass that are faster so this is an early generation of that and the screen itself is really nice it's a huge six point four inch OLED and 19 and a half by 9 aspect ratio at 2k resolution so a little taller than normal and any funny flickering you may see again the lighting in here is garbage and it doesn't actually flicker like this to the naked eye and realize but it's a pretty bright great-looking screen on first impression that's again curved on the corners and bleeding over the slopes of the edges and moving on to the sides you get a colored power button which I love to see this Twilight version has a reddish orange power button which I like that a lot and I'm not usually a bright colored phone type of guy but I would rock this for sure USB see at the bottom no headphone jack and then around the back is definitely the most iconic part of this phones look the big triple camera centered module with a huge flash in there and the lack of branding up top now a lot of you may remember the p20 pro in this twilight color already had a triple camera setup on the back but that was this weird regular camera then telephoto then monochrome camera setup this mate xx Pro is a much more on the useful end just like the v40 with three different focal lengths and normal lens a super wide angle and a telephoto the standard camera is a huge 40 megapixel sensor with an F 1.8 aperture the telephoto is an 8 megapixel camera at F 2.4 and the ultra wide is 20 megapixels at F 2.2

So we'll have to get it in hand in the studio and actually take pictures and videos with it to see how good it is but if it's anything like their previous phone it'll probably absolutely crush DxO mark and make headlines and you'll have to decide how much to care about that but one big point they've made about it is how much they're leaning on AI to not just make the camera better to but to make the whole phone better to AI will help with scene recognition again with Master AI 2.0 to help recognize more things in the camera more accurately and tweak your photos based on what you're taking a picture of but then also this phone a cure in 980 chipset which is a seven nanometer chip and a 4200 milliamp hour battery which is absolutely massive but it will also use AI to help manage your apps and help you get an even longer battery life apparently AI will also look at the scene you're pointing at with the camera and actually switch you automatically to the wide-angle camera if it thinks you'll need it which I'll be honest I don't think I'm a fan of that I kind of liked a little more manual control on the camera but some people may be into that but none of this none of this is the coolest feature of this phone I did save the best for last the coolest feature of the huawei mate 20 pro is something called reverse wireless charging and it's exactly what it sounds like so you know how this phone and many others can charge the battery wirelessly through the glass back well mate 20 Pro has a setting you can turn on that will turn it into a mobile battery bank then you can wirelessly charge up other phones with or whatever you want it's cheap powered so you just turn it on in the settings and I had my iphone there as I was making this video so you just rest something on the back of the Huawei and it does start wireless charging the iPhone so this is great you can be that guy to actually literally offer to wirelessly charge someone else's phone oh what's that you're at 10% I got a four thousand two hundred million power battery I feel like I'll just let you let you mooch a little bit you can wirelessly charge that's cool in fact you don't even have to be physically touching wireless charging works through a case works through a skin and works even if you just hover the phone's a centimeter apart man the the trolling opportunities here or the helping opportunities are gonna be huge but anyway that's pretty much the main gist of the mate 20 Pro I actually think this mate 20 that's gonna be launching at the same time the non pro is a physically better looking phone on the outside it's lacking all those facial unlock sensors but it also means it loses that big notch and it just has this dewdrop notch as they call it in the middle that's being used by a lot of companies now but it's also clearly a step lower in a couple other ways it's bigger but has a lower resolution 1080p LCD not an OLED and a slightly smaller 4000 milliamp hour battery but it's just funny how the lower end phone kind of seems a little more visually appealing if you we hate the knotch overall as a bi though

I don't think mate 20 pro is gonna be like that critical phone that everyone's paying attention to that you necessarily have to buy it feels a lot like they're throwing a lot of stuff at the wall and hoping a lot of it sticks like the stand out of that for me was having a big cutout knotch at the top of the screen for face ID essentially when a lot of people don't like notches and then also spending the money on an under glass fingerprint reader when pretty much everyone using a phone will have to pick one or the other and not use both seems like you're going a little bit like spending extra here and I get that having the option is great but it felt like they should probably commit to one or the other in fact I'm pretty sure oneplus is gonna commit to just a fingerprint reader and not even make a big deal about still having facial recognition with RGB sensors and then on the software front emui 9.0 it has a lot of small improvements like in the settings and in the stock apps but it's generally still emui so if you didn't like it before this isn't gonna change your mind but if you did like the old one then this is a little better so basically for me I think I'm gonna be waiting for that P 30 Pro when it comes out to be their next high-end flagship to test it out I'm assuming the cameras gonna be great and I'm gonna give it a shot but let me know what you guys think of this phone you think it's gonna think it's gonna hold up do you think I should have it in the camera comparison along with the other high-end flagships it's a lot of stuff we wonder about mate 20 Pro either way until the next one thanks for watching catch you later peace


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