My Pixel 3 Display Problem?

Hey what is up guys of kabhi HD here welcome back to another 2x1 video and to another QA asked mkbhd number 33 we do this once a month and it is October it's not over yet it's a very busy tech tober but we're in it we asked you guys which we wanted to know on Twitter and you had plenty of questions of course so these are the best of those right so thoughts on Apple screwing the oneplus event ok this was kind of funny depending on how you look at it but also kind of unfortunate it's a symptom of this busy tech tober season so one plus made it very clear that they're going to be announcing their 1 + 60 in New York and an event in the morning on October 30th then Apple big company but I'm sure they've been planning their event for a while too they've also made an announcement for an October event they're gonna have an event also in New York also in the morning also on October 30th so naturally one plus of a smaller company kind of bent to that and move their event to the 29th

It's not just that they don't want to be overshadowed by Apple I'm sure that's like on their mind but also a lot of people covering tech a lot of journalists a lot of youtubers people like me we're gonna go to both we're gonna go to one plusses event and we're gonna go to Apple's event and if a lot of people are going to both they have to pick one clause didn't want people to not be able to go to their event that was a big part of it so they move their event forward a day to the 29th so now it's gonna be the 29th one plus the 30th Apple I don't think it did it on purpose or anything I think they both were planning their event a long time ago but it's just kind of unfortunate that there's just not enough days left in October how was the JRE the Joe Rogan experience that was a fun podcast if you guys haven't seen that I did go on the Joe Rogan podcast with shot that yesterday the video is live I'll drop a link with a like button if you want to watch it you watch it back it's like 2 and a half hours and we talked about a lot of stuff a lot of tech included some other topics included as well so but it was fun Joe knows actually probably more about tech than people give him credit for we're not a case person yeah you don't have any cases online onto cases yeah but you switch phone so often even if you drop them that's when they pop a SIM card out I still take good care of my phones people I call you get a new phone every two weeks you might be right but I still take really good care my phone Oh someone asks how was your streamys experience that was also pretty fun so for those who don't know I recently attended the Streamy Awards in LA in Beverly Hills and we actually won a Streamy Award for the science or education category that was incredible [Applause] now I didn't really push for this I completely did not expect to win but when the cameras and the lights hit and they said that I won the category that was pretty amazing um I think there should be a tech category though like I'm not trying to hate or anything and I'm not an expert on award shows but on YouTube there's definitely a distinguished tech community and also a distinguished science and education community and a lot of the other channels in that category who I love by the way were nominated for those those science and tech and education reasons and I think a separate science and tech category specifically consumer tech would deserve its own category too nonetheless though I'm very grateful for all of your support and I'm that's the only reason that we won that award so I'm really happy about that but overall the experience was fun the show if you watched it was very interesting and I hope to be back John good old John for Lakers the og says he saw my pixel three screen issues and he says he's had a bootloop issue with his do I still recommend the device so actually show you what mine looks like this is my pixel 3 XL right now and if you'll notice it has a stripe a pink stripe straight down the middle a full brightness stripe of dead pixels completely

In the center of the display so that's pretty strange I feel like I've had bad luck with phones this year I looked it up if you look up a pink stripe down the phone's display issue it's something that's happened in the past with other phones often Samsung phones or phones with Samsung panels this is a Samsung panel and there's no real guaranteed fix for it it's just kind of a thing that happens it sucks now I can't use this phone anymore and I'll have to get a new one and it's probably gonna be replaced super soon but that's that's terrible it's a quality control issue it's not gonna happen to everyone's in fact it's probably gonna happen to almost no other phones hopefully anyway but like I said I feel like I've had bad luck I might have remembered or you might remember a couple days or weeks ago my razor phone to straight out the box was completely unresponsive I had to wipe it and start over from the bootloader to get it to actually work again to my screen touches which again that's super rare right like if this starts happening to a lot of people's phones then yeah I'll stop recommending it and it does seem like pixels had a lot of weird things happen to it lately that are unfortunate but uh I still feel the same way about it well this is a really sad question do you think phone companies that have done away with the headphone jack will ever bring it back no I don't think it's gonna it's like a floppy drive not that it's the same age but like once people have just gotten on board with getting rid of a port it usually doesn't come back we often have a lot of rumors and leaks about flagship phones but we cannot say the same about tablets or computers like the upcoming iPad pro what are your expectations about the Apple event considering the few details we have by now it's a good question but I think that's actually discounting how much has leaked about these new iPads we actually kind of also already know what to expect with the new iPad the new specs the new 812 the new display the smaller bezels the face ID that works in portrait or landscape all these things are coming to iPad pro you can read articles about it it hasn't leaked like people having a physical iPad in their hands there's no unboxings online of it before it's come out but we kind of know what to expect I leave really an article below that links to like pretty much everything we're gonna see at this October event why do you only talk about phones Tsang quality tech videos as your tagline it's just kind of all that's been coming out the past few weeks I keep using this hashtag tech Tober to refer to all this stuff that's coming out in like September October November but mostly this month which is just a whole lot of new phones and things coming out right before the holiday season so you get your stocking stuffers and you get your new stuff but we've done all kinds of other videos before this holiday season push we started a series all about cars not that long ago called auto focus and a whole bunch of stuff about cameras we've done a whole bunch of stuff about all our tech but yeah this this particular time of year if you look back at the last couple videos it's a lot of thoughts okay here's a good one and maybe you guys can play along you can pick between two different things for your device

Super Power 30 days of battery life or free one gigabit internet connection 24/7 choose only one go ahead and write yours I already know a - it's pretty easy I'm picking the free super fast incredible internet because I already have a solution to the first battery problem which is just I charge my phone every day but there is no solution to bad Wi-Fi bad internet there's dead spots around New Jersey in New York there's bad airplane Wi-Fi that I just dealt with last night so to always have the the phone superpower of always having lightning fast internet videos never buffer nothing ever lags or stutters as far as streaming that's uh that's where I'm gonna go all right so what convinced you to go to the two to one aspect ratio for your videos and why not 60 frames per second so that's two different questions on the 60 frames a second I'm not a big fan like I I've tried other frame rates for videos I've tried 24 frames per second to me 24 frames per second on the screens that you're watching that are all calibrated towards multiples of 30 things look choppy pans look choppy smooth motion looks choppy 24 fps looks bad to me and then 60 FPS looks too smooth now

I can say there are some advantages to being smooth as far as showing animations and stuff but for that I prefer slo-mo so I'm pretty much 30fps for life but then why did I switch to this two to one aspect ratio honestly it's just a little bit more fun hear me out I'm fully aware that on on TVs and laptops and most people's phones in computer is your your sixteen by nine like you're used to watching sixteen by nine videos with a minimal or no black bars that is true but then I decide to give it a shot I can blame some of the guys in the studio for making me give it a shot but I gave it a shot I can blame John a little bit for that too but it turns out on this particular camera I'm using it has some mathematical advantages the monstro 8k sensor that I shoot with in this red camera when I shoot in sixteen by nine it crops in a little bit when I shoot in two to one I'm actually getting more width to this gigantic sensor and it just looks better it's just it just looks better to me and a motif on the channel for a very long time as far as me talking to the camera and a lot of shots has been wide-angle shallow depth of field it's very personal I'm right here next to the camera but I can be even closer to the camera when it's this wide and it's just more fun to play with framing with other stuff in the left and right of me and when we do top downs and you do all sorts of other stuff you might have seen that last pixel three video has a lot of really interesting shots that look different from a sixteen by nine shot so without diving into all the nerdy gritty details of two to one basically we're just having fun with it we're playing with it I think I like it for now hopefully you can deal with the little extra black bars for the extra little phone we get to have right I'm gonna ended up that a lot of good questions for October but also a lot of videos upcoming in these last couple days and it'll bleed into November too and there's a lot of stuff happening but thank you for your questions thank you for watching and I'll talk to you guys in the very next video peace


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