Pixel 3 XL Second Impression

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The pixel can't stop leaking we pretty much know everything there is to know about a pixel 3 as well as the pixel 3 XL we have a very clear image now of this pixel 3 go pretty much everything about it no matter how hard you try you literally can't get anything past the internet so there they are oh I think they look great it looked great right for those of you on the live stream please stick around to see our products and more in depth demos online really appreciate you being here with us today thank you very much have a great day [Applause] [Music] hey what is up guys i'm pbht here and we got pixel three and pixel three excel in the studio my main synth car has been in in pixel 3xl since the event so two days now and there's already a lot of stuff i want to share with you that didn't make it into my original video and that wasn't in the keynote so first of all there's many things in that first impressions video that weren't in the keynote and that weren't actually mentioned so if you want the full rundown of all the new hardware and all the new software that was announced two days ago that's your video definitely watch that but that was shot two weeks ago and there are definitely some things now that I've set it up with my own stuff that I'm starting to notice that I didn't those two weeks ago when I was using a demo phone so this isn't a review this is more like my second first impressions my second impressions with the pixel 3xl so rough the bat this is the home screen setup yes I'll drop the wallpaper link for this guy in the description and my impressions of the performance for alphabet are still that it's fast you know it's smooth right now just like my pixel 2 was out the box and I just have to cross my fingers

That this lasts a big question I've had is how long will this last with the 4 gigs of RAM and that ties back to the event that was easily the most low-key part of the phone when it was announced the specs they didn't I don't even think I said any of the specs on stage and that shows how much Google really thinks it matters to the average person buying this phone but for those who care snapdragon 845 four gigs of ram and 64 or 128 gigs of storage not expandable so pretty much baseline standard we've seen phones with these specs from 400 to 1200 dollars but again if you remember the problems I had with my pixel - I'll link that full video below if you haven't seen it already it's definitely got me curious how pixel 3 will hold up now the knotch can't talk about this phone without talking about the notch for me so far I've gotten used to it but I feel like that says more about me using phones than it does about the phone I feel like I'm in a weird position because I've been using phones with notches from the oneplus 6 to the iPhone 10 and 10s and many many more for so long that as I use phones now I'm just used to ignoring a notch you might not be in that position a lot of people are coming from phones that don't have notches and are trying to find a phone to buy and this is just another one with an even bigger than normal not that's not seeing it the same way but the other reason it's easy for you to get used to this notch when using it is because of the way Android and apps interact with the knotch or don't interact with the knotch it all started on stage and Google during the announcement was really clever about how they showed this display on the bigger phone always with the sweeping angles and hiding the knotch and just overall absolutely not embracing it and who can blame them but then we can actually get to start using the phone that continues like just like every other Android phone with a big enough notch the default seems to actually be to hide it you pull down the notification tray but not just hidden a lot of apps and stuff

I use the top of the screen apps every day I use like Spotify ignore this top notch area the camera app totally ignores it doesn't put any controls in the notch area just regular rectangle ways ignores it as well and then all the other apps that do use the notch area are basically just sort of color matching the huge notification area same as other phones it's just comically big now and some other apps still need updating I noticed Instagram stories looks ridiculous right now up in the top and also for some reason Google's own YouTube studio app is also kind of half cut off up there so it's obviously not ideal design wise but it just kind of is what it is also I've seen a lot of people talk about at least recently hiding this notch with software so with pretty much any other Android phone with a notch you can use software to hide it you've probably seen that you can also technically hide this notch though it's buried in Android peas developer settings right now but when you enable them you can completely hide it all the time but you lose so much screen real estate when you do that obviously because the not just so big it's not quite at the point where you might as well just use a smaller phone but it's close I mean I guess the screens still bigger so you're gonna be fine but people are gonna do this you can also add another notch at the bottom if you're just really into the pain of it hey you do you man so basically to round up my perspective on a notch before the review but at least right now I actually said this on Sam scheffers podcast recently as well I'll link that below as a person that's just using the phone just scrolling around swiping notifications tweeting email or whatever you're just numb to the notch at this point I don't really see it anymore it's just like every other phone with a notch but when I become a video person like a youtuber or a viewer and I'm just pointing a camera at it then it's this horrible ugly thing of course you see the notch it's it's hideous it's massive it's that bathtub it's a face staring back at you that you can't ignore but that's when I'm in that youtuber mode but when I'm actually using the phone I don't find myself complaining about it that much okay a couple of small things the haptic engine on the pixel 3 is much improved right now I would even say it's the best I've felt in an Android phone and I think Google knows it they trigger it more often like almost all the time you feel it when pulling down the notification tray every little tap you get it while typing while interacting with the UI a lot and it's pretty good it's nice and clicky and really tight nitesite in the camera it's not here yet it's coming soon with a software update but I have taken some night shots without night mode and they're already pretty great so nitesite is hopefully going to be impressive if it's anything like that comparison they showed on stage I'm really curious to see how that works out but speaking of direct comparisons that was a direct shot fired a comparison to the iPhone 10's on stage which was recently announced which is interesting to me but I do plan on doing my own direct comparison with the camera of the iPhone 10s versus the pixel three versus probably Samsung Galaxy Note nine or ever the best Samsung camera is and then toss in one or two others maybe red hydrogen maybe whatever always coming out with let me know what you guys want to see but hopefully that will be interesting to see if you can tell the difference between the best camera smartphones at the end of 2019 

Anyway on pixel three there's also now in the camera app a raw plus JPEG option which is awesome so if you're slowing down a bit and really trying to take some great shots you can turn it on and get raw image files and go straight into editing those you can do light remote ever app you use I love seeing that baked into the stock camera app of a phone that knows it's gonna be used for photography and I also notice that in the YouTube app if I go into full-screen mode it plays off center on the pixel 3xl it cuts off the area to one side the size of the knotch and then cuts off the other area on the other side also the size of the knotch so it's kind of annoying now that it's off center to be honest the best alternative would be having the knotch cutting into the video and then losing also some of the top and the bottom so I guess I'll deal with it being sort of off-center but they could totally adjust that in a software update anyway that's it for now just a super quick second first impressions can't go to in depth but the full review is coming soon so definitely subscribe to see that to be among the first when it comes out if you haven't already but until the next one thanks for watching catch you guys later peace

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