Razer Phone 2 Impressions!

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Hey what is up guys i'm pbht here and hardware season AKA hashtag tech Tober continues with a new smartphone again this is our first look and impressions of the razor phone - now I know a lot of people were interested in this phone I found the first one somewhat of a mixed bag I definitely had my complaints about it but it was promising and it had some unique unmatched features like a hundred and twenty Hertz display now this year those features are still here and they're definitely still unmatched but they've made a number of improvements and tweaks and upgrades towards one thing and that is to make this second generation razor phone a little bit more friendly like a normal everyday flagship not just a gaming phone now

They're not going all the way to full-on bezel lists notched all the way of the edge 20:18 design no no but pretty much every little change and every tweak they've made in this phone is targeted towards that appealing to more of the masses with a phone that can actually be used every day that happens to have a couple advantages for gaming so here's what's new first thing you've probably noticed already is the glass back I'd say this is the biggest outside change on the razor phone we all remember the first ones soft touch back sort of like that next bit Robin it came from well the shape of the sequel is all still the same still very boxy and square but now you have a glass back which enables wireless charging which this phone now has and then not to be outdone by Asus they also have now a glowing light up Razer logo on the back of this phone controllable by software of course and with RGB and Razer told me you'll even be able to use this as a notification LED so if you get a tweet for example it'll glow blue if you get an email it'll glow red green for phone calls etc but that's actually pretty sick but of course you can turn it off all the way if you don't want it it is pretty faint to begin with especially in this brightly lit environment but it's there it's also now ip67 certified which the first one wasn't but doing this turned out to be a big deal for Razer phone because the huge speakers had to be water sealed but still keep their massive sound that's all reason over there so that was a challenge for them as you may know waterproofing a phone 100% of the time has a hit on the speakers when you go from a non waterproof phone to a waterproof phone you always notice that Samsung's phones all used to have better speakers many years ago they waterproof demand now not so much if CC had those massive boom sound speakers those front firing stereo monsters but none of those phones were IP rated it's just a big deal putting a watertight diaphragm in front of a speaker driver so my big question when I saw the second one was would the razor phone to being waterproof make it lose its amazing speakers

I loved so much about it after hearing them I actually don't think so so to be clear they're still very loud and very hard to block with your fingers that's what it's all about I'd say they probably have a little bit of a lower peak loudness than before but quality is great and they definitely didn't distort at high volumes from my brief listening test so that's good to see and up front there's also a slightly brighter 5.7 inch 120 Hertz IPS LCD display the only one in a phone again this year 2560 by 1440 resolution but yet is now up to 645 nits basically brighter than last year but still not quite as bright as the 60 Hertz Oh LEDs and all these mainstream flagships that's the trade-off for the ultra smooth frame rate and then also they specifically address some of my biggest complaints in my review with the first razor phone first off the camera there are two new Sony sensors on the back they're both now 12 megapixel sensors one standard one with optical image stabilization and one telephoto without it these will be worth testing to see how far they've come but they seemed pretty proud of them and they've also now switched to a new vibration motor so I did kind of really hate on the vibration motor in my unit last year this one's entirely different that's a good look you got a snapdragon 845 inside still eight gigs of ram still a four thousand milliamp hour battery still has expandable storage it's still no headphone jack still the side power / fingerprint reader button and the little nub volume buttons on the side from the original next bit design and still a light skin on top of Android 8.1 waiting for Android PI eventually someday who knows when that will come but a little bit of green accents tossed in there plus a couple features specifically for improving gaming and changing your RGB lights on the back

Of course so yeah it's a nice little mixed bag of improvements I'm interested at this point they're consciously trying not to just call it a gaming phone but more of like a media and gaming flagship and I think those are good moves to take so what do you think I mean if you're on Team no knotch then this will definitely be one of your last available options if you're on Team I hate every thousand-dollar flagship phone because they're not worth that much this will also be one of your latest options but also one of your best so let me know what you think either way that's paying your first impressions thanks for watching talk to you guys in the next one peace

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